Where we Meet

Our monthly club nights take place at:
The Bourne Corn Exchange, Abbey Road, Bourne,
PE10 9AE.

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Contact Details for the Steering Committee

Malcolm Kenwood. T: 01778 441271 E: treasurer@bournemotorracingclub.co.uk
Alan Danbury. T: 01780 435068. E: tracknotes@bournemotorracingclub.co.uk
Colin Gibson T: 01476 550974 . E: colin@bournemotorracingclub.co.uk
Jeremy Marshall-Roberts T: 07718 739210. E: jeremy@bournemotorracingclub.co.uk
Mike Reynolds T: 01780 720322. E: mike@bournemotorracingclub.co.uk
Peter Smith T: E: peter@bournemotorracingclub.co.uk
Pat Thomas T: E: pat@bournemotorracingclub.co.uk

Malcolm Tyler T: E: malcolm@bournemotorracingclub.co.uk